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They surround us

Objects can tell a lot about a person. Therefore, I started this project with the idea of showing the energy I feel when looking at four different objects: a rosary, a Chinese bridal closet, a ring and a deer skull.  

The initially randomly chosen objects turned out to be partly objects that referred to my Polish roots and culture as well as my interest in other cultures. These objects make me feel close to my family and friends even though they are far away.  

As I became aware of this, the energy emanating from these objects made a lot more sense to me. The skull and the ring I got from family members. The closet and the rosary I bought myself. The energy of all the objects is different and therefore interesting to experiment with.  

I do not consider the photograph as the final result but rather as basic material to paint over, thus adding next layers. To bring emotion into the work I decided to use music with the images and make it into a movie.   

For this project I got inspired by Kadinsky and the native Americans (in particular Animism). These two totally different subjects use a lot of symbols and work with spirituality which fits my vision perfectly. 

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