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As above, so below

Fascinations can do a lot to you. For a long time, I have been fascinated by Asian culture. This made me look for an opportunity to do a project outside my own cultural setting. It was also important to me to get out of my comfort zone. South Korea had been on my list to visit for several years, so I started looking for opportunities to do a project here. During my research, I came across the Haetae. This mythological animal is known as a guardian who wards off disaster and as one who distinguishes good from the bad. All these thoughts formed the concept for my project.


The project is a visualization of a journey in three parts. The beginning is about who I was before I started this journey. It transitions into who I’m becoming and how I get to know myself better. The last part shows who I hope to be. This part is meant to visualize the feeling of finally having balance in life. There may still be imbalances, but you can now deal with them in a good way and be a better person as a result.


This project is a reminder to everyone that it is okay to go through difficult phases in life. In addition, it is also important to keep learning from yourself and to grow as a person. The Haetae helped me during this period because I saw him as my mentor and protector.


Hopefully others in need can find some inspiration here and take the first step towards change in their own lives.

The Departure


The Initiation


The Return

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