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Father, who am I?


I never really felt a strong connection to my dad because he wasn’t home a lot of the time because of his work. My mom
always told me how tough it sometimes was to take care of me without my dad being there to help her.

We lived in Hungary till I was around five years old so I can imagine the struggle of being a ‘single mom’ in a foreign country. During this time I was also surrounded by some other cultures which might have made the Dutch culture fade to the background for me.

The more I think about this now the more I wonder if this is why I don’t feel connected with the Dutch culture and my roots here. I don’t feel at home in this country even though I have lived here for the most part of my life.

I started mending my dad’s handkerchiefs because it is something that he uses as long as I can remember. This way I don’t only want to fix the
object but also try to metaphorically connect a bit more to this culture and my dad through this project.

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