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Being born in Hungary, having roots in Poland,and living in Holland, I was exposed to influences from different cultures. This is why I never felt connected to my Dutch roots and searched for something to fill this gap inside of me. That explains my fascination for other cultures and is, to this day, an important source of inspiration in my work.


For example, things that have fascinated me for a long time is the use of colour, symbols, and history. You can see these things also reflected in some of my projects such as “They surround us” in which many colours have been used and in which several symbols have been incorporated with personal memories for me. Another project is “The colour of” in which the colour black and what it symbolizes is central.


Every time I work on a project, it feels like rediscovering the world. I try to incorporate something I learned from researching outside my own cultural setting. Usually, I set up a project quite broadly and it is not entirely clear where it will go. During the process of research and experiments that I carry out, the subject is increasingly delineated and gradually takes on its definitive form.


The most natural and therefore best way for me to communicate with my audience is through photos, collages, and paintings. The aim of my work is to give people the opportunity to connect with each other and create a safe space to feel like you belong no matter your background. My work is therefore not only about what you see, but also about the emotions that the work evokes in you when you look at it.


2014-2018  Hout- en meubileringscollege, Rotterdam

2019-2023 Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam


2020  Art as a means of connection, Kaapse Kunstroute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2023  Graduation show, Willem de Kooning Academy,

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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