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Making it public

Love and affection is something that is very personal and a lot of the time not shown in public. When I was walking around the city to do some location research, I saw quite some couples, some holding hands, some embracing each other and some just walking next to each other.


I find it interesting to see how different every relationship looks like for the outsider. I always had a certain image of how love looked and felt like, because I used to watch a lot of romantic movies back in the days. You would see guys taking girls on dates and see the girls getting flowers, but in real life this is not always the case. Everybody has their own ‘love language’. For example, not all girls like to get flowers and not all boys like to buy flowers.


It really makes me realize how unrealistic most movies are, but I’m still a big sucker for romance. Because a lot of people are open minded and love is shown in different ways this subject is relevant nowadays and always will be.


By doing this project I like to broaden the view of people to look at love in a different ways. I talked to couples and also people who don’t have a partner to see how they view love. With that information I combined objects and made still lifes.

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