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Elective: Beyond DADA

This was the first elective I did in which I explored different ways of visualizing urgent themes. By researching old and new approaches I learned a lot about the DADA movement. I design multiple collages using the DADA method.

Plusweek 1.1

In my younger years I was never really into fashion. I liked how certain people looked (movies and street) but that’s it. My mother bought clothes for me till I was around thirteen years old so I also didn’t really know a lot about clothes and fashion.

The clothes my mom bought for me where random but always a kind of casual/ chic. She always tells me to dress up nice (especially in Poland).

When I started to buy my own clothes I really didn’t have my own style.

Now that I’m in art school I can really explore my style and wear whatever I want. That's why during this plusweeks I wanted to figure out what clothes mean to me and how other people see me through my new clothing style.

Plusweek 1.3

We are bulletproof:

the eternal

For the plusplan project I made a project regarding words/lyrics in music. I thought of this topic because I'm personally not really good in talking and explaining. That’s very important in a language so I thought this would be a nice opportunity to work with this topic to try and become better in communicating.


You communicate with language and if you don't speak/understand a language it can be very hard to do so, but I liked the challenge of a song in another language. That's why I chose the song "We are bulletproof: The Eternal" by BTS.


When listening to the song I would think about things I could photograph or make in real life that show what I have seen and felt during the song. The emotional site I felt is made visual in the end result you see here above.


Model drawing

The starting point of this elective was to visualize and depict the body. Layering was a big part of the assignment to seea visible growing process.

For four days I have been drawing on a big piece of paper (300x150cm) to experiment with multiple materials. You needed to photograph your work and put the pictures in a loop to see the process. The results!

Used materials: Ink, paint, fine liner, tape, paper, charcoal, chalk, hot sauce, chocolate milk, make up & soy sauce

Plusweek 2.1

Child seat